ADRANA D407 209L

4740.00 lei


Water miscible metalworking fluid

  • High biostability
  • Nitrite free
  • Does not contain chlorine
  • Does not contain heavy metals
  • Diethanolamine free

Adrana D 407 is recommended for all easy to medium duty operations on cast iron and (low to medium alloyed) ferrous metals. Adrana D 407 is also suitable for all grinding operations, including specific grinding operations in bearing industry. The recommended water hardness range for an optimum performance of Adrana D 407 is 5 – 25°d. Shell Adrana D 407 is used for blade and abrasive processing of materials such as steel, aluminum and cast iron. Shell Adrana D 407 is specially recommended for all types of grinding processing in the bearing industry.

  • high stability in the presence of foreign oils
  • excellent stability in hard water
  • excellent corrosion protection in the presence of chlorine in water
  • low foaming, even in soft water
  • excellent washing properties
  • does not affect the skin of personnel, because the balance of borates, amines and biocides is observed.

Fisa Tehnica

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